Becoming familiar with zIDE perspectives and views

To access and work with z/OS® and zEnterprise® resources from the workbench, you can open either of two default perspectives that are customized for z/OS and zEnterprise application development: the Remote System Explorer perspective or the z/OS Projects perspective.

  • You can use the Remote System Explorer perspective to do MVS™ based tasks that are equivalent to tasks done in ISPF:
    • View lists of data sets and members
    • Allocate or delete data sets
    • Create or delete members
    • Edit text
    • Submit JCL
    • Submit TSO commands

    You do most of those tasks in the Remote Systems view.

  • You can use the z/OS Projects perspective to carry out a particular development effort. The z/OS Projects perspective is included with the Developer for z/OS editions of the product. It provides tools for connecting to UNIX, Linux® on z Systems®, and z/OS systems. In its z/OS Projects view, you can work with local and remote z/OS projects, Linux on z Systems projects, and MVS and z/OS UNIX subprojects.

    By default, the z/OS Projects perspective includes the Remote Systems view, where you can do several of the remote system tasks that were listed earlier. This perspective also includes views that you can use to obtain the output of a specific job and display it. Organizing your work with projects and subprojects explains some of the basics of working in the z/OS Projects view.

After you learn about these perspectives and the benefits of using them as you work, you can proceed to customize a perspective if you want to close default views or open other related views. See the related topics for information on the content of each perspective and instructions for customizing the perspective.