Set up the CICS resource definitions

The Global Auto Mart sample comes prepackaged with a JCL file that automatically sets up the CICS® resource definitions for you. Learn how to use this JCL. To create the CICS resource definitions manually, skip to the second half of the lesson.

To set up the CICS resource definitions by using the provided JCL:

  1. In the Remote Systems view, click My Data Sets > <HLQ>.AUTOMART.CNTL.
  2. Right-click the file GAMCSDUP.jcl.
  3. Click Submit. The job is submitted.
  4. While still in the Remote Systems view, expand JES.
  5. Right-click My Jobs.
  6. Click Show in Table. The Remote System Details view opens.
  7. Verify that the jobs completed successfully.
    Tip: Refresh the table to retrieve the recently submitted job.

Manually create CICS resource definitions

To create the CICS Resource Definitions manually instead of by using JCL, you can map the following program definitions (PDs), transaction definitions (TDs), DB2Entry Definitions (DB2EDs), and DB2Trans Definitions (DB2TDs):
  • GAM0VMM maps to GAM0VMM PD
  • GAM0VMI maps to GAM0VMI PD
  • GAM0VII maps to GAM0VII PD
  • GAM0VSI maps to GAM0VSI PD
  • GAM0VMM PD maps to GBMM TD
  • GAM0VMI PD maps to GBMI TD
  • GAM0VII PD maps to GBII TD
  • GAMOVSI PD maps to GBSI TD
  • GBSI TD maps to GBSI DB2TD
  • GBII TD maps to GBII DB2TD
  • GBMI TD maps to GBMI DB2TD
  • GBMM TD maps to GBMM DB2TD
  • GBSI DB2TD maps to GBMI DB2ED
  • GBII DB2TD maps to GBII DB2ED
  • GBMI DB2TD maps to GBMI DB2ED
  • GBMM DB2TD maps to GBMM DB2ED