RseDaemon: startProcesses(): spawn command result=ppid:errno



INFO RseDaemon: startProcesses(): spawn command result=156:132


The message is logged when the daemon starts a thread pool.


Note: The parent-pid (ppid) is a child of the daemon, but it is also the parent of the actual thread pool process due to our double-kick startup mechanism.

The errno value picks up bogus values when the thread pool creation is successful. This problem is resolved in Developer for z/OS® Version (37988).

The layout of the message is changed in Version
INFO RseDaemon: startProcesses(): spawn command: parentPID(672) errno(0) 
     dataFd(144) ctlFd(150)
The message is part of a sequence of messages produced during thread pool startup. Example:
INFO RseDaemon: startProcesses(): spawn command result=156:132
INFO RseDaemon: startProcesses(): send Query to the Server process
INFO RseDaemon: startProcesses(): Server process started. (processId=157)
INFO : ProcessId=157, Memory_Usage=1%, Used_Memory=987KB, threads=3, TCBs=12 

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