Compile the Global Auto Mart sample

Learn how to compile the Global Auto Mart sample.

You must be in the z/OS Projects perspective and connected to your remote system.

You must have permissions on the remote system to bind Db2®. Check with your systems administrator to ensure that you have these permissions.

For each subproject that contains a COBOL source file:

  1. In the z/OS Projects view, right-click the subproject name.
  2. Click Rebuild Subproject.
  3. Wait for the build process to complete.
  4. Expand the remote system in the Remote Systems view.
  5. Expand JES.
  6. Right-click My Jobs and then select Refresh.
  7. Right click and select Show in Table. The updated jobs are displayed in the Remote System Details view.
  8. Ensure that all jobs submitted in rebuilding the project completed with a return code of NORMAL and return information with a value of 4 or less. If the jobs did not complete successfully or you received a JCL error, ask your systems administrator if you have the partitioned data sets set up correctly.