Assemble the BMS maps

Learn how to assemble each of the BMS maps, which is the first step in compiling and building the Global Auto Mart sample.

  1. In the z/OS Projects view, right-click GAM0MC1.asm and select Generate JCL > For Assemble. The JCL data set and member name window opens.
    JCL data set and member name window
  2. Verify that the Job Name, JCL data set name, and Member name are correct and click OK. The JCL Generation Complete window opens.
  3. Click Submit. The Job Submission window opens.
  4. Click Locate Job. In the Remote Systems view, the Retrieved Jobs filter of the JES subsystem opens. The job name is highlighted in the filter list.
  5. Select the Retrieved Jobs filter, and then select Show in Table. The Remote Systems Details view opens. This view shows the results of the jobs that were run. Use it to determine whether the jobs were completed successfully.
    Remote System Details view
  6. Repeat steps 1 through 4 for the GAM0MC2.asm and GAM0MC3.asm files. Make sure that the information provided in the Return Info column is NORMAL and the Return Code column contains values of 4 or less for all three jobs that were completed. Contact your systems programmer if there are any other return values. If you must change a property group, be sure to save the changes to the property group, and then regenerate the JCL and resubmit the jobs
In the z/OS Projects view, a JCL file is added to each of your subprojects.
z/OS Projects view