TCP/IP port reservation

If you use the PORT or PORTRANGE statement in PROFILE.TCPIP to reserve the ports used by z/OS® Explorer, z/OS Debugger, and Developer for z/OS, note that many binds are done by threads active in an RSE thread pool. The job name of the RSE thread pool is RSEDx, where RSED is the name of the RSE started task, and x is a random single digit number, so wildcards are required in the definition.

PORT      4035     TCP RSED   ; z/OS Explorer – RSE daemon
PORT      6715     TCP JMON   ; z/OS Explorer – JES job monitor
PORT      5335     TCP DBGMGR ; z/OS Debugger – debug manager
PORT      5336     TCP DBGMGR ; z/OS Debugger – debug manager
PORTRange 8108 11  TCP RSED*  ; z/OS Explorer – RSE_PORTRANGE
;PORTRange 5227 100 TCP RSED* ; z/OS Explorer Extensions - CARMA