Summary: Module 9

In this module, you have created a plug-in project that demonstrates the use of the actionValidators, parameterValidators, and customParameterControl extension points.


You should run or debug your plug-in project now. Do the following while still in the testing workspace to verify the functionality of your plug-in:
  1. Be sure that you are in the zOS Projects perspective and are connected to your host system. Use the port numbers that are associated with the updates you did on the PDS RAM in Lesson 1.
  2. Open the CARMA Repositories view and connect to the PDS RAM you modified in Lesson 1.
  3. Expand the RAM down to an individual CARMA Member. Right click this member, and select Custom > HowTo. The HowTo dialog box opens.
    Tip: If you have trouble getting this dialog box to open or for the custom option to be available, check back through the steps you followed in Lesson 1 or consult the CARMA Developer's Guide.
  4. The first thing that you will check for is that the parameterValidator extension is working correctly.
    1. In the first text field, enter 0. An informational message should appear in the header of the dialog box.
    2. Now enter 1 in the text field. The message should change to a warning message.
    3. Entering 2 or other numerical value should result in a displayed error message and the OK button disabled.
    4. The final test for the parameterValidator extension is attempting to enter a nonnumeric character, such as a. The input should not be allowed and will not even appear within the text field.
  5. Next, you check the actionValidator extension.
    1. The first test is to see if the appropriate parameter you coded to be required is marked with an asterisk. For this sample, the first parameter should be marked with the asterisk, but no other parameters.
    2. The second test is to ensure that the form will not be accepted if both strings are provided. For this sample, when you enter a value into both string fields, you should see an error message that is displayed and the OK button should be disabled.
  6. Finally, you will test the customParameterControl extension.
    1. The first test is to check to see if a checkbox has replaced the default text field and that selecting and clearing the checkbox does not cause any errors.
    2. The second test is to see if the default label provided, Y/N? was kept.