Lesson 3: Configure the com.ibm.carma.ui.parameterValidators Extension

In this lesson, you configure the parameterValidator extension that you defined in the previous lesson for the plug-in project.

About this task

The parameterValidator extension point allows for contributing extensions to validate the value of a particular parameter as it is being entered by the user. For this sample, the value parameter accepts a single digit numeric character less than four. You will use the different possible values that the user can input into the value parameter to display different informational messages to the user and to ensure that the user enters only numeric characters.


  1. Start by first configuring the parameterValidators extension. In the Plug-in Development perspective, right click the com.ibm.carma.plugin.howto plug-in project and select PDE Tools > Open Manifest. The Plug-in Editor opens.
  2. From the bottom list of tabs select Extensions. On this page, you should see the extensions that are associated with your plug-in project. Select the (parameterValidator) option below the com.ibm.carma.ui.parameterValidators extension point. To the right, the Extension Element Details is listed.
  3. Use the Sample PDS RAM for this sample, as this is the RAM you added the custom action to and the appropriate parameters to in the configuration file you created in Lesson 1. In the uniqueId text field enter, com.ibm.carma.sample.PDSRAM.
    1. Open the CARMA Repositories view and connect to the remote system.
    2. Expand the host system with the RAM you want to use, right-click on the particular RAM, and select Properties.
    3. In the Properties for RAM dialog box that opens, you should see the unique identification listed. This is the uniqueId you use when configuring the extension points.
  4. In the class text field, enter the name of the class that contains the code that specifies the details of the parameter validation. Enter the class name, com.ibm.carma.plugin.howto.action.ValueParamValidationAction. You create this class later in this exercise.
  5. In the parameterId text field, enter the parameter that is defined in the PDS RAM to which the parameter validation applied. For this sample, use the value parameter, which you defined on the PDS RAM with a parameterId of 000 in Lesson 1.
  6. Finally, in the actionId text field, enter the action that is defined on the PDS RAM to which the parameter validation should be applied. For this sample, use the HowTo custom action, which you defined on the PDS RAM with an actionId of 100 in Lesson 1.


You have now configured a parameterValidator to validate the value parameter on the HowTo custom action for the PDS RAM.