Lesson 1: Add the plug-in dependencies

This lesson teaches you how to add required dependencies to your plug-in project.

About this task

The plug-in dependencies are a list of any other plug-ins that contribute code to your plug-in project or that must be on your project's classpath in order to compile.
Note: Before you complete this lesson, you should create an Eclipse plug-in project with the following attributes:
  • Project Name: com.ibm.carma.plugin.disable.options
  • Plug-in ID: com.ibm.carma.plugin.disable.options
  • Plug-in Name: Disable Options

To add dependencies to your plug-in:


  1. Make sure that you are in the Plug-in Development perspective.
  2. In the Package Explorer view, right click your Eclipse plug-in project, and select PDE Tools > Open Manifest. The Plug-in Editor opens.
  3. From the tabs at the bottom of the Plug-in Editor, select Dependencies.
  4. Check to see whether the dependency, com.ibm.carma.ui is listed in the left panel. If not, click the Add button to the right of the left panel. In the text field of the Plug-in Selection dialog box, enter in the name of the plug-in as filter text.
  5. Select the first plug-in that appears matching the filter text, and click OK.


You have now added com.ibm.carma.ui to your list of dependencies. You should see it listed in the left panel with any other default dependencies.