Predeployment considerations

Developer for z/OS® supports the cloning of an installation to a different system, thus avoiding the need for a SMP/E installation on each system.

The following data sets, directories, and files are mandatory for deployment to other systems. If you copied a file to a different location, this file must replace its counterpart in the following lists.
Note: The following list does not cover the deployment needs of the prerequisite and co-requisite software (including z/OS Explorer).

z/OS Explorer Extensions

  • /usr/lpp/IBM®/zee/*
  • /etc/zexpl/*
  • definitions, data sets, files, and directories resulting from customization jobs in FEL.#CUST.JCL
z/OS Source Code Analysis
  • /usr/lpp/IBM/akg/*
  • FEL and /usr/lpp/IBM/zee are the high-level qualifier and path used during the installation of the z/OS Explorer Extensions. FEL.#CUST and /etc/zexpl are the default locations used during the customization of the product where /etc/zexpl is the z/OS Explorer configuration directory.
  • AKG and /usr/lpp/IBM/akg are the high-level qualifier and path used during the installation of z/OS Source Code Analysis.
  • You should install z/OS Explorer Extensions in a private file system, possibly combined with z/OS Explorer, to ease the deploying of the z/OS UNIX parts of the product. If you cannot use a private file system, use an archiving tool such as the z/OS UNIX tar command to transport the z/OS UNIX directories from one system to another. This method is required for preserving the attributes (such as program control) of the Developer for z/OS files and directories.
    For more information about the following sample commands to archive and restore the Developer for z/OS installation directory, see UNIX System Services Command Reference (SA22-7802).
    • Archive: cd /SYS1/usr/lpp/IBM/zee; tar -cSf /u/userid/zee.tar
    • Restore: cd /SYS2/usr/lpp/IBM/zee; tar -xSpf /u/userid/zee.tar