MVS Files details view

Use the MVS Files subsystem details view to explore MVS™ files on the remote system

About this task

From the Remote Systems view, you can open the MVS Files subsystem details view. This view displays details about the MVS Files subsystem on the selected z/OS® system.


To explore files in the MVS Files subsystem details view:

  • To open the MVS Files subsystem details view, do either of the following steps:
    1. In the Remote Systems view, select MVS Files and then click Show in Table on the menu.
    2. From the Remote System Details view, double-click the name of the remote system to which you are connected, then double-click MVS Files.
    The MVS Files subsystem contains the following entries:
    • My Data Sets - the default MVS files filter.
    • Retrieved Data Sets - the last 10 data sets that you searched for by using the Retrieve Data Set action or added by using the allocate actions.
    • Any other MVS file filters that you created.
    • My Favorites - any search query results you saved by using the Remote z/OS Search view.
  • To drill down to the MVS files located by each filter, double-click the filter in this view.
  • Use the following icons and menu to lock, unlock, or refresh the view, navigate through the files and filters in the view, change the columns that are displayed in the view, or locate a specific resource in the view.
    Option Description
    lock/unlock icon Lock and Unlock Toggles the selected resource between locked and unlocked status. If the resource is unlocked, selecting an object in the Remote Systems view updates the details view.
    Refresh icon Refresh Refreshes the view.
    backward/forward icon Move Backward and Move Forward Navigates backward and forward among pages you previously viewed.
    Move up one level icon Move up one level Navigates up the hierarchy of MVS Files, filters, data sets, and partitioned data set members.
    Customize table icon Customize Table Opens the Customize Table window, which you can use to add, remove, or reorder columns in the view.
    Select Input Switches to a different local or remote object.
    Position To Locates the first resource that matches the string you enter in the Position To window.
    Subset Opens the Subset window to select criteria for limiting the contents that are displayed in the view.