Lesson 1: Set up the plug-in project from Exercise 5

This exercise builds onto of the plug-in project that you created in Exercise 5. If you have not completed Exercise 5, do so before beginning this lesson. This lesson guides you through the steps in modifying the plug-in that is created in Exercise 5 for Exercise 6.

About this task

To modify the plug-in project from Exercise 5:


  1. Star Developer for z/OS® in the Plug-in Development perspective. In the Package Explorer view, right-click the com.ibm.carma.plugin.view plug-in project, and select PDE Tools > Open Manifest. This opens the Plugin Manifest Editor
  2. From the bottom list of tabs, select Dependencies.
  3. Make sure the dependency, com.ibm.carma.ui is listed in the left panel of dependencies. If it is not, click the Add button and use the text field to filter for the dependency. When it appears, highlight it, and click OK.


You should see the dependency added to the list of dependencies that are listed on the left panel.