Lesson 1: Define the extensions and dependencies for the plug-in project

This lesson guides you through defining extension points, including dependencies, creating an extension to the plug-in, and modifying the Activator class to customize the menu options.

About this task

Note: Before you complete this lesson, you should create an Eclipse plug-in project with the following attributes:
  • Project Name: com.ibm.carma.plugin.disable.programatically
  • ID: com.ibm.carma.plugin.disable.programatically
  • Name: CARMA_Modify_Actions Plug-in

To define the extensions and dependencies for your plug-in project:


  1. Make sure that you are in the Plug-in Development perspective.
  2. In the Package Explorer view, right click com.ibm.carma.plugin.disable.programatically, your plug-in project, and select PDE Tools > Open Manifest. The Plug-in Editor opens.
  3. From the list of tabs at the bottom of the Plug-in Editor, select Extensions.
  4. Click the Add button on the Extensions page.
  5. In the New Extension dialog box that opens, type the extension name, org.eclipse.ui.startup in the Extension Point filter text field.
  6. When this extension appears in the panel below, select it, and click Finish. You will see the extension appear in the panel of the Extension page of the Plug-in Editor.
  7. You do not need to specify any attributes to this extension. Adding this extension just tells Eclipse to run your plug-in when the workbench starts up.
  8. While you are still in the Plug-in Editor, you should also add the dependencies that the plug-in needs. To do this, select the Dependencies tab from the bottom menu of tabs.
  9. In the left panel, Required Plug-ins, make sure com.ibm.carma.ui is listed. If it is not, click Add, and filter for the particular plug-in. Select it, and click Finish.