Lesson 1: Create an icons folder and import sample graphics

In this lesson, you create an icons folder and import the sample graphics to use as your decorators.

About this task

Note: Before you complete this lesson, you should create an Eclipse plug-in project with the following attributes:
  • Project Name: com.ibm.carma.plugin.decorators
  • ID: com.ibm.carma.plugin.decorators
  • Name: Decorators

To create the icons folder and import the graphics:


  1. In the Package Explorer view, right-click on the com.ibm.carma.plugin.decorators plugin-project you created, and select New > Folder.
  2. In the New Folder dialog box that opens, select com.ibm.carma.plugin.decorators as the parent folder.
  3. Enter icons as the name of the folder, and click Finish. You should see the icons folder appear under your com.ibm.carma.plugin.decorators project.
  4. Right click the icons folder, and select Import.
  5. In the Import dialog box that opens, select General > File System. Click Next.
  6. In the From Directory text field, either enter in the path name of the directory containing your graphics or click Browse and browse for the appropriate directory. Once a directory has been specified, it should open in the panels below the text field.
  7. Select either the complete directory from the left panel or just the individual files from the right panel to be imported. When all files that you want to import have been marked with a check, click Finish.


In the Package Explorer view, expand com.ibm.carma.plugin.decorators >icons, and you should see the graphics that you imported.