Setup instructions for ZUnit test case

Before you use the Enterprise COBOL EPSCMORT.cbl sample, modify the property group for ZUnit and change the preference settings.

Before you begin

Ensure the AZUCCOB property group is listed in the Property Group Manager view by following Setup instructions for EPSCMORT.cbl.


  1. In the Property Group Manager, select the remote system that contains the ZUnit data sets and open the AZUCCOB property group to modify specified properties in the following categories. If you modified your HLQ in Sample JCL to allocate ZUnit data sets, you must also change your PDS settings in the property group.
    Category > Page Property Value
    Info Name AZUCCOB
      Description Property group for the ZUnit CICS® COBOL samples running on Dynamic Test Runner
    JCL JCL job card Specify any JCL statements required for the z/OS system. You might need to add a JCLLIB statement to call ELAXF* remote build procedures. For more information, see ELAXF* remote build procedures.
    Link > Procedures and Steps ELAXFLNK-LINK link options REUS
      ELAXFLNK-LINK load module location CEE.SCEELKED <HLQ>.ZUNIT.LOAD
    COBOL > Procedures and Steps Procedures and Steps table If you use a separate CICS translator to set up the EPSP transaction, enable ELAXFCOT. Otherwise, leave it disabled.
    (ELAXFCOT is enabled)
    (ELAXFCOT is enabled)
    <CICS-HLQ>.SDFHCOB (Location of CICS-supplied copybook)
    ELAXFCOC-COBOL Compiler options
    (ELAXFCOT is enabled)
    ELAXFCOC-COBOL Compiler options
    (ELAXFCOT is disabled)
    Debug data set
      ELAXFCOC-COBOL object deck data set <HLQ>.COBOL.OBJ
    <CICS-HLQ>.SDFHCOB (Location of CICS-supplied copybook)
    <BZU-HLQ>.SBZUSAMP (Location of Dynamic Test
    's sample)
    Support Error Feedback
    Select this check box and specify this data set qualifier for compiler errors: <HLQ>.ERRCOB
    ZUnit > Procedures and Steps BZUPLAY-REPLAY User Libraries <HLQ>.COBOL.LOAD
  2. Click Window > Preferences > ZTest. Confirm that settings under CICS Recording Service are properly set. If not, follow the instructions in Setup instructions for EPSCMORT.cbl.


The following properties are updated in your workspace:
Figure 1. Property group. Property group editor with a property group created for the Enterprise COBOL test data samples.
Property group editor with a property group created for the Enterprise COBOL ZUnit test data samples.

What to do next

Create/modify a test case from EPSCMORT.cbl