Create/modify a test case from EPSCMORT.cbl

Use the Create/modify test case window to create/modify a test case from the EPSCMORT.cbl sample program.

Creating or modifying a test case

Before you begin

This procedure uses a sample program included with IBM® Developer for z/OS®. It also uses a remote z/OS project that was created by the sample setup procedure. Before using this procedure, set up the sample file and project by using the instructions in Setup instructions for EPSCMORT.cbl and Setup instructions for ZUnit test case.


  1. In the z/OS Projects view, expand ZUnit Enterprise COBOL test data samples > epscmort > <HLQ>.COBOL.SOURCE.COBOL.
  2. Right-click the EPSCMORT.cbl source file and click ZUnit (z/OS Automated Unit Testing Framework) > Create/modify test case.
    The Create/modify test case window opens.
  3. In the Test case name and Test case description fields, type EPSCMORT.cbl.
    Create/modify test case window
  4. Optional: Click Options.
    The Preferences window opens. The Data set name, Test data layout, and Test data fields are populated with default data set names that are defined in the property group that is associated with the project.
    ZUnit Preferences
  5. Click OK.
  6. To create the test data for this test case, click Next.


The test case editor is opened for the EPSCMORT.cbl program. Confirm that the values for the CICS and CICS LINKAGE properties are true in the Properties view.
Test case editor
Properties view
The Create/modify test case window generates the following generation configuration and test data layout (XSD) files and stores them in the locations that are defined in the property group:
  • EPSCMORT.xml: The test case generation configuration file stores information that you enter into the Create/modify a test case window, information that you enter in the Test Case Editor, and information about files that are generated by ZUnit.
  • *.xsd: Test data layout files define the XML schema for the test data files that are generated when you enter test data into the Test Case Editor.

What to do next

Record and import data into the EPSCMORT.cbl test case