CRAALLOC, the custom RAM allocation exec

Both the batch submit and the CRASTART startup method call the CRAALLOC REXX exec to allocate user-specific data sets that can be used by a user-written RAM. The allocations are done in a separate exec, because an exec allows more flexibility than what is possible within the batch submit CRASUBMT JCL and the CRASTART crastart.conf configuration file. The allocation exec is also responsible for calling the optional user exit.

DD Data set name Type

You can customize a copy of this allocation REXX exec if certain defaults, such as the data set name, do not match your site standards. CRAALLOC is located in FEL.SFELPROC, unless you used a different high-level qualifier during the SMP/E install of Developer for z/OS®.

For customization instructions, see the documentation within the member. For more information about allocation execs, see (Optional) Custom allocation exec.
Note: You should copy the sample allocation REXX to a new data set and customize this copy to avoid overwriting it when applying maintenance. When you do this, you must update the reference to SFELPROC in the SYSEXEC DD of your chosen CARMA startup method to match your new data set name.