CARMA VSAM data sets

The CARMA server requires READ access to three VSAM data sets. The sample members to create and populate these VSAM data sets are located in FEL.#CUST.JCL, unless you specified a different location when you customized and submitted the FEL.SFELSAMP(FELSETUP) job. For more details, see Customization setup.

  • If you need to merge the definitions for a (custom) RAM into an existing VSAM configuration, see the FEL.#CUST.JCL(CRA#UADD) sample job. This job must be customized and submitted for each CARMA VSAM file that changes. For more information about the record structure used by the different CARMA VSAM files, see the Common Access Repository Manager Developer's Guide (SC23-7660).
  • Use the FEL.#CUST.JCL(CRA#UQRY) sample job to extract the active definitions from a VSAM to a sequential data set.