CARMA Repository Access Managers (RAMs)

A Repository Access Manager (RAM) is an Application Programming Interface (API) for a z/OS® based Software Configuration Manager (SCM). In turn, Developer for z/OS or user-written applications can start a CARMA server, which loads the RAMs and provides a standard interface to access any supported SCM.

The CARMA server must be able to find the RAM load modules, either through LINKLIST or STEPLIB/TASKLIB.

The CRAR* RAM load modules that are provided by Developer for z/OS are located in FEL.SFELLOAD, and the sample source code and compile jobs are located in FEL.SFELSAMP, unless you used a different high level qualifier during the SMP/E install of Developer for z/OS.

The following sections have customization notes for the RAMs that are available with Developer for z/OS. The referenced sample members are located in FEL.#CUST.*, unless you specified a different location when you customized and submitted the FEL.SFELSAMP(FELSETUP) sample job. For more details, see Customization setup.

For in-depth knowledge of CARMA and for more information on the sample RAMs and sample source code provided, see Common Access Repository Manager Developer's Guide (SC23-7660).