The CRAXJCL replacement module is provided in source format because you must customize it to specify the specific allocations to use for SYSTSPRT. The allocation for SYSTSIN should usually be to a dummy data set.

Sample assembler source code and a sample compile/bind job are available as FEL.#CUST.ASM(CRAXJCL) and FEL.#CUST.JCL(CRA#CIRX), unless you specified a different location when you customized and submitted FEL.SFELSAMP(FELSETUP) job. For more details, see Customization setup.

Customize the CRAXJCL assembler source code as needed, using the documentation within the member. Afterward, customize and submit the CRA#CIRX JCL to create the CRAXJCL load module. For customization instructions, see the documentation within the member.

If needed, you can rename IRXJCL to something else. Adjust the CRAXJCL source to call this new name for IRXJCL and compile it, and then rename the CRAXJCL load module to IRXJCL. This setup might be easier than changing all your calls to IRXJCL.