(Optional) Supporting multiple RAMs

CARMA has the facility for defining multiple RAMs and running them concurrently. However, because there is only one CARMA server active for a user, even when there are multiple RAMs, some configuration changes might be required to make this setup work.

RAMs are defined by a RAM developer in the CARMA configuration VSAM data set, CRADEF. During startup, the CARMA server, CRASERV, identifies all of the defined RAMs and sends the information to the CARMA client. The user can then select one or more RAMs, which is loaded into the CARMA server.

Because RAMs are active as plug-ins of the CARMA server, ensure that all prerequisites, such as data set allocations, for each of the RAMs are available in the address space of the CARMA server. This requirement might need changes to the CARMA configuration samples, such as CRASUBMT or crastart.conf, which are included with Developer for z/OS®.