IBM z/OS Debugger Reference and Messages

In this guide, you can find descriptions of the commands, functions, and variables available through z/OS® Debugger, as well as the messages that you might see as you use z/OS Debugger. Many z/OS Debugger commands are similar to statements from the supported high-level languages (HLLs).

This guide also provides the TEST runtime option, syntax elements that are common for all commands, and syntax elements for expressions written in assembler, disassembly, and LangX COBOL.

This document is intended for programmers using z/OS Debugger to debug high-level languages (HLLs) with Language Environment® and assembler programs either with or without Language Environment. Throughout this document, the HLLs are referred to as C, C++, COBOL, and PL/I.

z/OS Debugger runs on the z/OS operating system and supports the following subsystems:
  • CICS®
  • Db2®
  • IMS
  • JES batch
  • TSO
  • UNIX System Services in remote debug mode or full-screen mode using the Terminal Interface Manager only

To use this document and debug a program written in one of the supported languages, you need to know how to write, compile, and run such a program.