Defining the 3270 interface

The example application is supplied with a 3270 user interface to run the application and to customize it. The user interface consists of two transactions, EGUI and ECFG.


Use the CEDA transaction to create TRANSACTION definitions for both transactions.
  1. To define transaction EGUI, enter the following: CEDA DEF TRANS (EGUI) G(EXAMPLE) PROG(DFH0XGUI).
  2. To define transaction ECFG, enter the following: CEDA DEF TRANS (ECFG) G(EXAMPLE) PROG(DFH0XCFG)

Use the default values for all other attributes.
Note: The correct operation of the example application does not depend on the names of the transactions, so you can use different names if you wish.
Alternatively, you can copy the TRANSACTION definitions from CICS® supplied group DFH$EXBS.