Requirements and checklist

You do not need assistance of other administrators to start using host-based code analysis tools at your site, but you must perform the following tasks. Unless otherwise indicated, all tasks are mandatory.
  1. Install z/OS® Source Code Analysis, as documented in Program Directory for IBM z/OS Source Code Analysis (GI13-2864). When using the provided defaults, the product is installed using high-level qualifier AKG and z/OS UNIX path /usr/lpp/IBM/akg.
  2. Create customizable copies of the provided samples by customizing and submitting AKG.SAKGSAMP(AKGSETUP). This job performs the following tasks:
    • Create AKG.#CUST.PROCLIB and populate it with sample SYS1.PROCLIB members.
    • Create AKG.#CUST.JCL and populate it with sample configuration JCL.
Note: IBM® z/OS Debugger is a prerequisite for the Code coverage component. The IBM z/OS Debugger FMID (HADRxxx) is provided together with the IBM z/OS Source Code Analysis FMID.