Code review

Code review scans source code and reports rule violations, using rules with different severity levels. The tool comes with rule providers for COBOL and PL/I, but other rule providers can be added.

z/OS® Source Code Analysis provides a sample procedure, AKGCR, to simplify the calling of code review services in batch mode (also called host-based code review). AKGCR is found in AKG.#CUST.PROCLIB, unless you specified a different location when you customized and submitted the AKG.SAKGSAMP(AKGSETUP) job.

Customize the sample procedure, AKG.#CUST.PROCLIB(AKGCR), as described within the member, and copy it to SYS1.PROCLIB.

If the AKGCR procedure cannot be copied into a system procedure library, ask the Developer for z/OS users to add a JCLLIB card right after the JOB card to their calling job.
//MYJOB    JOB <job parameters>
Note: The AKGCR procedure requires data files to be created on the local workstation and copied in binary format to a directory in z/OS UNIX System Services. For more information about creating data files for the AKGCR procedure, see Creating and uploading data files.