Data section 6, Client data

Data section 6 for SMF record type 122, subtype 1, holds a list of comma (,) separated data elements, which are described in data section 5, client labels. The client provides most of this data during the request for an activation code. The length of this string can vary, and is documented in field SMF122t1h_S6Len of the header section. Character strings are in UTF8. If the data itself holds a comma (,) it is replaced by its Unicode representation, &#44. Other characters that are replaced by their Unicode representation are the semicolon (;), &#59, and the tilde (~), &#126.

Table 1. SMF record type 122 subtype 1, data section 6
Offsets Type/Value Length Name Description
0 (x0) Structure ? SMF122t1s6_Section ** section 6 (client data) **
0 (x0) UTF8 ? SMF122t1s6_Client Client data in comma separated list