IBM z/OS Debugger Reference Summary

In this guide, you can find a summary of commands, built-in functions, and EQAOPTS commands provided by z/OS® Debugger. Each topic contains the name of the command, built-in function, or EQAOPTS command and then a syntax diagram.

For more information about each command or built-in function, refer to the IBM® z/OS Debugger Reference and Messages. For more information about each EQAOPTS command, see the IBM z/OS Debugger Customization Guide or IBM z/OS Debugger Reference and Messages.

This document is intended for programmers using z/OS Debugger to debug high-level languages (HLLs) with Language Environment® and assembler programs either with or without Language Environment. Throughout this document, the HLLs are referred to as C, C++, COBOL, and PL/I.

z/OS Debugger runs on the z/OS operating system and supports the following subsystems:
  • CICS®
  • Db2®
  • IMS
  • JES batch
  • TSO
  • UNIX System Services in remote debug mode or full-screen mode using the Terminal Interface Manager only

To use this document and debug a program written in one of the supported languages, you need to know how to write, compile, and run such a program.