IBM z/OS Debugger Reference and Messages

z/OS® Debugger combines the richness of the z/OS environment with the power of Language Environment® to provide a debugger for programmers to isolate and fix their program bugs and test their applications. z/OS Debugger gives you the capability of testing programs in batch, using a nonprogrammable terminal in full-screen mode, or using a workstation interface to remotely debug your programs.

This document contains descriptions of the commands, functions, and variables available through z/OS Debugger, as well as the messages that you might see as you use z/OS Debugger. Many z/OS Debugger commands are similar to statements from the supported high-level languages (HLLs). This document also describes the TEST runtime option, syntax elements that are common for all commands, and syntax elements for expressions written in assembler, disassembly, and LangX COBOL.