saveAsHtml command

Use the saveAsHtml command to save the document as a file in a format suitable for display in an HTML browser.


saveAsHtml [ prompt
           | visible
           | { block | selection }
           | lineNumbers
           ] [...]
           [ "filename" ] 


prompt Use the optional prompt parameter to prompt the user for the name of the file under which this document should be saved.
visible Use the optional visible parameter to indicate that only the visible elements should be saved.
block | selection Use the optional block or selection parameter to indicate that only the selected text elements should be saved.
lineNumbers Use the optional lineNumbers parameter to indicate that line numbers should be displayed to the left of each line.
filename Use the filename parameter to specify the file name under which this document should be saved.  If no file name is specified, the document is saved under the name in the name setting with the extension ".html" added.


The status parameter will be set to one of the following:
null The save was successful.
save.cancelled The save was cancelled by the user.
save.failed The save was unsuccessful.


saveAsHtml ""
saveAsHtml selection 

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