Declarations (COBOL)

Use declarations to declare session variables that are effective during a Debug Tool session. Session variables remain in effect for the entire debug session, or process in which they were declared. Variables declared with declarations can be used in other Debug Tool commands as if they were declared to the compiler. Declared variables are removed when your Debug Tool session ends or when the CLEAR command is used to remove them. The keywords cannot be abbreviated.

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   V                                            |      
>>---level--identifier--+-| attribute |-------+-+--;-----------><
                        '-| usage_attribute |-'        


|--+-PIC-----+--+----+--picture--| usage_attribute |------------|
   '-PICTURE-'  '-IS-'                                 


   '-USAGE--+----+-'  +-BINARY----------+   
            '-IS-'    +-COMP------------+   

1 or 77.
A valid COBOL data name (including DBCS data names).
A sequence of characters from the set: S X 9 (replication factor is optional).

If picture is not X(*), the COBOL USAGE clause is required.

Usage notes


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