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  • IBM Z® Open Debug 1.2.5
    • You can now debug High Level Assembler (HLASM) z/OS programs with IBM Z Open Debug.
    • For Wazi Developer for Workspaces, the log files are now in /projects/.debug/logs.
  • Code coverage
  • z/OS batch applications launches
    • In the Remote Systems or z/OS Projects view, or when you are editing the JCL source in the editor, after you choose Debug As or Code Coverage As from the menu, the following options are available:
      • z/OS Batch Application: Launch a debug or code coverage session without a debug profile.
      • z/OS Batch Application with a debug profile: Launch a debug or code coverage session with a debug profile.
      • z/OS Batch Application ...: Create a launch configuration to launch a debug or code coverage session.
      For more information, see Launching a debug session for z/OS batch applications using existing JCL.
  • IBM z/OS Debugger JCL Wizard
    • The Program/Procedure Selection List panel is updated to include procedures, in addition to programs. Selecting a procedure will provide a panel to enter the procedure step override for the DD statements generated. The After (A) and Before (B) line commands are no longer required.
    • You can now select SVC screening to enable SVC screening for batch non-Language Environment® programs.
    • You can now select Intercept on to show COBOL DISPLAY statements on the IBM® z/OS® Debugger log or Debug Console in the Eclipse IDE.
    • Error messages are improved.
    • The END command (PF3) in the Program/Procedure Selection List panel is modified to cancel the request. Previously, selecting PF3 would not exit the panel.
    • When the process is completed, the cursor is now placed on the command line.
    • The z/OS Debugger LDD Generation for Non-LE Programs panel is now populated with the initial program name and subprograms selected in the Request AT ENTRY Sub-Program Breakpoints panel. Program names provided in this panel can be modified.
    • After you select Code Coverage from the parameters selection panel, the EQAXOPT lines are generated to specify CCPROGSELECTDSN, CCOUTPUTDSN and CCOUTPUTDSNALLOC, if the CODE_COVERAGE_SETUP value is configured to YES in the EQAJCL REXX procedure.
    • Previously the wizard would verify the program source members identified in the z/OS Debugger LDD Generation for Non-LE Programs panel with each library identified by the z/OS Debugger Debug Libraries panel to verify that the members are present. This function is removed because z/OS Debugger now flags any such members in the IBM z/OS Debugger log or Debug Console in the Eclipse IDE when the LDD command is entered.
    For more information, see IBM z/OS Debugger JCL Wizard.
  • AT LABEL * command
    • For Enterprise COBOL for z/OS Version 5 and later, AT LABEL * now highlights the labels similar to statement breakpoints.
    • You can now use PF6 or AT LINE to remove or add a single global label hook if AT LABEL * was issued. To disable this functionality, use DISABLE AT LABEL *.
    • If you issue AT LABEL * again or use ENABLE AT LABEL *, the global label hooks are reset. The hooks that you removed are added back.
    For more information, see AT LABEL command.
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  • 64-bit support
  • Code coverage
  • Debug Profile Editor
    • In the Debug Profile Editor of the Eclipse IDE, new key bindings are available to show the error tooltip and the overall error summary. For more information, see Debug profile key bindings.
  • Debug Profile Service
    • As an alternative of a keystore file, you can now use a RACF managed key ring to enable secure communication with Debug Profile Service. For more information, see Enabling secure communication with a RACF managed key ring.
    • A new optional HOST attribute is added to the CICS region configuration. For more information, see the instructions in the /etc/debug/dtcn.ports sample configuration file.
    • The Debug Profile Service API now provides more detailed diagnostic messages when authentication fails.
  • IBM Z Open Debug
    • Log files can now be found in the user's home directory.
  • CICS trace entries
    • A new parameter, DNT, is added to the CICS startup parameter INITPARM to support disabling generation of z/OS Debugger trace entries. For more information, see Adding support for debugging under CICS.