Connecting with the ODBC Data Source Administrator

Use the Microsoft ODBC Data Source Administrator tool to define a connection between an ODBC or CLI application and the Db2 database, BLUDB.

Before you begin

Before you can connect to your database, you must carry out the following steps:
  • Verify prerequisites, including installing driver packages, configuring your local environment, and downloading SSL certificates (if needed)

  • Collect connect information, including database details such as host name and port numbers, and connect credentials such as user ID and password


  1. Install the Db2 driver package.
  2. Open ODBC Data Source Administrator and create either a User DSN or System DSN for the Db2 Warehouse driver package.
  3. Click Advanced Settings. Enter following three CLI parameters with their values for the Db2 server: Hostname, Port, and Database.
  4. If the connection is an SSL connection, enter a fourth CLI parameter Security with value as SSL.
  5. Click Apply.
  6. To test the connection, return to main page of ODBC Data Source Administrator. Click Configure for the DSN that you created. Enter the user ID and password for the server and click Connect.