Loading data from a mail-in drive

If you have a large amount of data to load and you are using IBM® Db2® Warehouse on Cloud, the mail-in drive option might be the right one for you. This option allows you to mail USB drives to IBM and load your data directly to your database instance. You can secure your data during transit by encrypting the drives before mailing them, but that's optional.

Because the USB drives are hosted in IBM data centers, your data is transferred over a dedicated data center network instead of over a network that might be split between your file transfer and other network traffic.

Is this the right load option for you? You need to look at the size of your data set and the transfer rate of your network. Let’s look at the sample data set sizes in the following table. If the transfer rate of your network that is allocated to transferring data to your database is less than what is listed in the corresponding Data Transfer Rate column, then the mail-in drive is the right loading option for you.

Data Set Size Data Transfer Rate
8 TB 70 Gb per hour
4 TB 35 Gb per hour
2 TB 16 Gb per hour
1 TB 8 Gb per hour

For assistance with this option, contact your IBM Cloud Data Services sales rep or send an email to dashDB_Info@wwpdl.vnet.ibm.com.