DB2 Version 9.7 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows

Upgrade to DB2 Version 9.7

Upgrading to a new release of DB2® database products might require upgrading your DB2 environment components if you want them to run on the new release.

Your DB2 environment has several components such as DB2 servers, DB2 clients, database applications, and routines. Upgrading these components requires an understanding of DB2 database products and their upgrade concepts. For example, if you have an existing DB2 environment with DB2 Version 9.5, DB2 Version 9.1, or DB2 UDB Version 8 copies and you want to upgrade them to DB2 Version 9.7, then you must upgrade your DB2 environment.

The upgrade process consists of all the tasks that you must perform to have your DB2 environment running successfully on a new release. The upgrade of each of the components in your DB2 environment requires that you perform different tasks:

The following information is provided to document the upgrade process for DB2 Version 9.7:

In the upgrade tasks, the term pre-Version 9.7 DB2 releases refers to a DB2 Version 9.5, DB2 Version 9.1, and DB2 UDB Version 8 release.

Note: On Windows, before you begin the upgrade process to DB2 Version 9.7, if you have customized the db2cli.ini file, then you must create a backup. A backup will prevent you from loosing any custom configurations during the upgrade process.