DB2 Version 9.7 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows

Adopting new DB2 Version 9.7 functionality in database applications and routines

After upgrading to DB2® Version 9.7, enhance the functionality and improve the performance of your database applications by adopting new DB2 Version 9.7 functionality.

Before you begin

You must upgrade your DB2 server to DB2 Version 9.7.


For applications that access upgraded databases, perform any of the following steps to adopt the specified DB2 Version 9.7 functionality:

What to do next

If you upgraded from DB2 Version 9.1 or earlier, adopt functionality introduced in DB2 Version 9.5 in your database applications and routines. See Enabling new DB2 Version 9.5 functionality in database applications and routines in the Migration Guide (Version 9.5) for details.