DB2 Version 9.7 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows

Type-1 indexes have been discontinued

Type-1 indexes are no longer supported. You must convert type-1 indexes to type-2 indexes.


All indexes that you created by using DB2® releases earlier than Version 8 are type-1 indexes, unless you converted them to type-2 indexes in Version 8 or later via the REORG INDEXES command with the CONVERT option. All indexes that you created by using Version 8.2, Version 9.1, or Version 9.5 are type-2 indexes, unless they were created in an instance with the DB2_INDEX_TYPE2 registry variable set to NO, or unless you created an index on a table that already had a type-1 index. In Version 9.7, all indexes that you create are type-2 indexes.

If you do not convert your type-1 indexes before upgrading a database, these indexes are marked as invalid during the upgrade. If you set the indexrec configuration parameter to RESTART, the indexes are rebuilt as type-2 indexes when you restart the database. Otherwise, the rebuild occurs when you first access a table, and you might experience an unexpected degradation in response time. The table is inaccessible until the index rebuild is completed.

Also, the following related functionality is deprecated and might be removed in a future release:
  • The CONVERT option of the REORG INDEXES command
  • The DB2LOADQUERY_TYPE1_INDEXES parameter of the db2LoadQueryOutputStruct data structure and of the db2LoadQueryOutputStruct64 data structure of the db2LoadQuery API
  • The DB2REORG_CONVERT parameter of the db2ReorgStruct data structure of the db2Reorg API

User response

Before upgrading to DB2 Version 9.7, convert type-1 indexes to type-2 indexes. Ensure that you allocate enough time to convert all the indexes prior to upgrading.

You can convert type-1 indexes to type-2 indexes by using the CONVERT option of the REORG INDEXES command or by using the output of the db2IdentifyType1 command. The db2IdentifyType1 command identifies and generates the appropriate statements that you can use later to convert any type-1 indexes found in tables or schemas for a specified database. For more information, see the "Converting type-1 indexes to type-2 indexes" topic.