DB2 Version 9.7 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows

Some response file keywords have been deprecated

MIGRATE_PRIOR_VERSIONS and the CONFIG_ONLY response file keywords have been deprecated to reflect changes in Version 9.7 functionality and might be removed in a future release.


The following response file keywords are no longer recommended:

User response

Deprecated response file keyword Change

Starting with DB2® V9.7, on Windows operating systems and non-root upgrades on Linux and UNIX operating systems, use the response file keyword UPGRADE_PRIOR_VERSIONS to specify an existing version of the DB2 product to be upgraded.

Any existing response files should be changed to replace the deprecated keyword with the new keyword.


Previously, on Linux and UNIX operating systems only, this keyword specified that the response file was for performing configuration tasks only. For example, creating a new instance using the db2isetup command. The keyword had two options: YES or NO.

Starting with DB2 V9.7, there is no ability to set this option to NO. Whether the keyword is specified or not in the silent mode of db2isetup, the DB2 code assumes the option to be YES indicating that the response file is performing configuration tasks only.

Existing scripts or response files do not need to be modified. Even if this keyword exists in a response file of db2isetup, the keyword value is assumed to be YES, regardless of the value specified.