DB2 Version 9.7 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows

IBM Software Developer's Kit (SDK) 1.4.2 support for Java routines has been deprecated

IBM® SDK Version 1.4.2 support for Java™ routines has been deprecated. As a result, Java stored procedures and routines built in DB2® Version 8.2 (and earlier) are also deprecated because they were created using the SDK 1.4.2 (and earlier) level.


Due to the introduction of newer versions of the IBM SDK, support for SDK Version 1.4.2 is deprecated and will be removed from service.

DB2 Version 9.7 installs IBM SDK for Java 6 by default on all platforms. This version of Java will be used to compile new Java stored procedures and user-defined functions created in Version 9.7.

User response

Before IBM SDK 1.4.2 support is discontinued, re-create any deprecated Java routines with the SDK installed in your DB2 Version 9.7 copy.

If you must use an SDK for Java other than the one installed in your DB2 Version 9.7 copy, refer to the refer to the "Upgrading Java routines" topic. For the list of supported Java development software, see "Java software support for DB2 products".