DB2 Version 9.7 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows

FP4: The -global option for troubleshooting tools has been deprecated

In DB2 Version 9.7 Fix Pack 4 and later fix packs, the -global option that is supported by a number of DB2® troubleshooting tools has been deprecated and might be removed in a future release.


Previously, the -global option was used to collect diagnostic information about remote hosts and partitions. The functionality provided by the -global option has been deprecated and replaced with the -member and -host options for the following troubleshooting tools:
  • db2trc
  • db2pd
  • db2fodc
  • db2pdcfg
  • db2support

Collecting diagnostic information globally previously required the -global option to be specified, even when remote hosts and partitions were also specified. To simplify the syntax, the mandatory use of the -global option on remote hosts and partitions is no longer required.

User response

If you currently use the -global option with the db2trc, db2pd, db2fodc, db2pdcfg or db2support command, start using the -member option or the -host option instead. The -member option can be used to specify any database partition number, while -host is used to specify any host. If you want to collect diagnostic information about all members globally, without having to specify every member in the system, you can use the -member all option.