DB2 Version 9.7 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows

Creating a DB2 administration server (DAS)

The DB2® administration server (DAS) provides support services for DB2 tools such as the Control Center and the Configuration Assistant.

Before you begin

To create a DAS, you must have root user authority on Linux operating systems or using an account that has the correct authorization to create a service. On Windows, if a specific user is to be identified, create a user with local Administrator authority. Enter db2admin create. If a specific user account is desired, you must use /USER: and /PASSWORD: when issuing db2admin create.

About this task

You can only have one DAS in a database server. If one is already created, you need to drop it by issuing db2admin drop.

Typically, the setup program creates a DAS on the instance-owning computer during DB2 installation. If, however, the setup program failed to create it, you can manually create a DAS.


As an overview of what occurs during the installation process as it relates to DAS, consider the following: