DB2 Version 9.7 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows

Configuring the DB2 administration server (DAS)

Use the db2 get admin cfg command to see the current values for the DAS.

About this task

To see the current values for the DB2® administration server configuration parameters relevant to the DAS, enter:
    db2 get admin cfg

This will show you the current values that were given as defaults during the installation of the product or those that were given during previous updates to the configuration parameters.

In order to update the DAS configuration file using the Command Line Processor (CLP) and the UPDATE ADMIN CONFIG command, you must use the CLP from an instance that is at the same installed level as the DAS. To update individual entries in the DAS configuration file, enter:
    db2 update admin cfg using ...
To reset the configuration parameters to the recommended defaults, enter:
    db2 reset admin cfg

In some cases, changes to the DAS configuration file become effective only after they are loaded into memory (that is, when a db2admin stop is followed by a db2admin start; or, in the case of a Windows platform, stopping and starting the service). In other cases, the configuration parameters are configurable online (that is, you do not have to restart the DAS for these to take affect).