DB2 Version 9.7 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows


Updates the contents of a specified section in the db2cli.ini file.

The db2cli.ini file is used as the DB2® Call Level Interface (CLI) configuration file. It contains various keywords and values that can be used to modify the behavior of the CLI and the applications using it. The file is divided into sections, each section corresponding to a database alias name.



Required connection


Command syntax

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>>-UPDATE CLI--+-CONFIGURATION-+--+-----------------------+----->
               +-CONFIG--------+  '-AT--+-GLOBAL-+--LEVEL-'   
               '-CFG-----------'        '-USER---'            

                                     V               |   
>--FOR SECTION--section-name--USING----keyword value-+---------><

Command parameters

FOR SECTION section-name
Name of the section whose keywords are to be updated. If the specified section does not exist, a new section is created.
Specifies that the CLI configuration parameter is to be updated at the global level. A user ID must have the "System" Active Directory authorization to update the CLI configuration parameter at the global level; otherwise, the update fails with error SQL3267N. This parameter is only applicable when LDAP support is enabled.
Specifies that the CLI configuration parameter is to be updated at the user level. If LDAP support is enabled, this setting will be consistent when logging on to different machines with the same LDAP user ID. If LDAP support is disabled, this setting will be consistent only when logging on to the same machine with the same operating system user ID.
USING keyword value
Specifies the CLI/ODBC parameter to be updated.

Usage notes

The section name and the keywords specified on this command are not case sensitive. However, the keyword values are case sensitive.

If a keyword value is a string containing single quotation marks or imbedded blanks, the entire string must be delimited by double quotation marks. For example:
   db2 update cli cfg for section tstcli1x
      using TableType "'TABLE','VIEW','SYSTEM TABLE'"
When the AT USER LEVEL keywords are specified, the CLI configuration parameters for the specified section are updated only for the current user; otherwise, they are updated for all users on the local machine. The CLI configuration at the user level is maintained in the LDAP directory and cached on the local machine. When reading the CLI configuration, DB2 always reads from the cache. The cache is refreshed when:
  • The user updates the CLI configuration.
  • The user explicitly forces a refresh of the CLI configuration using the REFRESH LDAP command.

In an LDAP environment, users can configure a set of default CLI settings for a database catalogued in the LDAP directory. When an LDAP cataloged database is added as a DSN (Data Source Name), either by using the CA (Configuration Assistant) or the ODBC configuration utility, any default CLI settings, if they exist in the LDAP directory, will be configured for that DSN on the local machine. The AT GLOBAL LEVEL clause must be specified to configure a CLI parameter as a default setting.

To delete CLI configuration parameters in an LDAP environment, your user ID must have DELETE authorization within the "System/IBM" Active Directory container. A user ID with WRITE and CREATE ALL CHILD OBJECTS authorizations can deactivate CLI configuration parameters, but not delete them.