DB2 Version 9.7 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows


Modifies specified entries in the DB2® Administration Server (DAS) configuration file. The DAS is a special administrative tool that enables remote administration of DB2 servers.

When you install the DAS, a blank copy of the configuration file is stored on each physical database partition. You must create entries in each copy. You can specify the following DAS configuration parameters to be used the next time you start the DAS:
  • Name of the DB2 Server System - db2system
  • DAS Administration Authority Group Name - dasadm_group
  • Scheduler Mode - sched_enable
  • Tools Catalog Database Instance - toolscat_inst
  • Tools Catalog Database - toolscat_db
  • Tools Catalog Database Schema - toolscat_schema
  • Execute Expired Tasks - exec_exp_task
  • Scheduler User ID - sched_userid
  • Authentication Type DAS - authentication
The following DAS configuration parameters can be specified originally and then later changed while the DAS is online:
  • DAS Discovery Mode - discover
  • SMTP Server - smtp_server
  • Java™ Development Kit Installation Path DAS - jdk_path
  • Location of Contact List - contact_host
  • DAS Code Page - das_codepage
  • DAS Territory - das_territory
  • Diagnostic error capture level - diaglevel

For more information about these parameters, see individual parameter descriptions.


Issue this command from each administration node to specify or change parameter settings for that node.



Required connection

Node. To update the DAS configuration for a remote system, use the FOR NODE option with the administrator node name.

Command syntax

Read syntax diagramSkip visual syntax diagram
>>-UPDATE ADMIN--+-CONFIGURATION-+------------------------------>

          V                      |   

   '-FOR NODE--node-name--+---------------------------------+-'   

Command parameters

USING config-keyword-value
Specifies the admin configuration parameter to be updated.
Enter the name of an administration node to update the DAS configuration parameters there.
USER username USING password
If connection to the administration node requires user name and password authorization, enter this information.

Usage notes

To view or print a list of the DAS configuration parameters, use GET ADMIN CONFIGURATION. To reset the DAS configuration parameters to the recommended DAS defaults, use RESET ADMIN CONFIGURATION.

When configuration parameters take effect depends on whether you change a standard configuration parameter or one of the parameters that can be reset online. Standard configuration parameter values are reset when you execute the db2admin command.

If an error occurs, the DAS configuration file is not changed.

In order to update the DAS configuration using UPDATE ADMIN CONFIGURATION, you must use the command line processor from an instance that is at the same installed level as the DAS.

The DAS configuration file cannot be updated if the checksum is invalid. This might occur if you change the DAS configuration file manually, without using the appropriate command. If this happens, you must drop and re-create the DAS to reset its configuration file.