DB2 Version 9.7 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows

db2cfimp - Connectivity configuration import tool command

Imports connectivity configuration information from a file known as a configuration profile. It is a non-interactive utility that will attempt to import all the information found in the configuration profile.

A configuration profile can contain connectivity items such as:
  • Database information (including DB2 Connect™ and ODBC information)
  • Node information
  • Protocol information
  • database manager configuration settings
  • DB2® database registry settings
  • Common ODBC/CLI settings.

This utility can be used to duplicate the connectivity information from another similar instance (that is, client instance to client instance) that was configured previously. It is especially useful on workstations that do not have the DB2 Configuration Assistant (CA) installed, and in situations where multiple similar remote DB2 clients are to be installed, configured, and maintained (for example, cloning or making templates of client configurations). When cloning an instance, the profile imported should always be a client configuration profile that contains configuration information about one DB2 database instance only.


One of the following:
  • sysadm
  • sysctrl
  • The root ID should not be used to run the tool.
  • If a valid ID is used to run the tool, the ID must have the correct permission for the configuration profile to be imported.

Command syntax

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Command parameters

Specifies the fully qualified name of the configuration profile to be imported. Valid import configuration profiles are profiles created by any DB2 database or DB2 Connect product using the Configuration Assistant, Control Center, or db2cfexp.