DB2 Version 9.7 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows

Supported combinations of client and server versions

This section describes which versions of a client can connect to which versions of a server. This includes support for earlier versions and support for accessing DB2® databases on midrange and mainframe servers.

DB2 client considerations for the IBM DB2 pureScale Feature for Enterprise Server Edition

For your application to make full use of DB2 pureScale® features, your DB2 server and DB2 client must be at certain release levels:
Server version Client version Features available
Version 9.8, or later Version 9.7, Fix Pack 1 or later Transaction-level and connection-level workload balancing

Automatic client reroute based on workload

Client affinities

Version 9.8, or later

Version 9.1,
Version 9.5, and
Version 9.7 (prior to Fix Pack 1)

Connection-level workload balancing (transaction-level workload balancing is not available)

Automatic client reroute based on workload

Combinations of DB2 Universal Database (UDB) Version 8, DB2 Version 9.1, DB2 Version 9.5, and DB2 Version 9.7

DB2 Universal Database™ (UDB) Version 8, and DB2 Version 9.1 and Version 9.5 clients can access a remote DB2 Version 9.7 server. Note the following restriction:

The following clients and servers can access DB2 Version 9.5, Version 9.1, and DB2 UDB Version 8 servers:

However, when a higher version level client accesses a lower version level server, the functionality of the higher version level is not available to the client. For example, IBM Data Server Driver Package Version 9.7 can access a DB2 Version 9.1 server, however, DB2 Version 9.7 functionality is not available to the client.

Access to DB2 Version 9.7 servers from DB2 UDB Version 7 clients

Access from DB2 UDB Version 7 clients is not supported.

Combinations of DB2 Version 9.7 and DB2 products on midrange and mainframe platforms

DB2 Version 9.7 servers support access from the following clients on midrange and mainframe platforms:

The following clients and drivers can access DB2 Connect™ Version 9.7: