Granting user rights (Windows)

This topic describes the steps required to grant user rights on Windows operating systems. Specific user rights are recommended for user accounts required to install and set up Db2®.

About this task

To grant advanced user rights on Windows you must be logged on as a local Administrator.


  1. On Windows, click Start and type secpol.msc in the search bar. Click OK.
  2. Select Local Security Policy.
  3. In the left window pane, expand the Local Policies object, then select User Rights Assignment.
  4. In the right window pane, select the user right that you want to assign.
  5. From the menu, select Action -> Security...
  6. Click Add, then select a user or group to assign the right to, and click Add.
  7. Click OK.

What to do next

If your computer belongs to a Windows domain, the domain user rights can override your local settings. In this case, your Network Administrator must make the changes to the user rights.