Db2 services running on your system (Windows)

When you install a Db2 product, there are multiple services included that can aid in the use and maintenance of your database, such as statistic collection and license compliance monitors.

The following table lists the Db2 services that run on your system when a Db2 product is installed:
Table 1. Db2 Services
Service Display Name Service Name Description
Db2 - (Db2 copy name) - <instance name> [<-nodenum>]

where <-nodenum> is added for Db2 ESE instances.

<instance name>[<-nodenum>] Allows applications to create, update, control, and manage Db2 databases.
Db2 Governor (Db2 copy name)
Collects statistics for applications connected to Db2 databases.
Db2 Information Center Server DB2ICSERVER_Vxx (where xx is the Db2 version you are running, for example, V10 is Version 10.1) Provides documentation for Db2 products.
Db2 License Server (Db2 copy name) DB2LICD _db2copyname Monitors Db2 license compliance.
Db2 Management Service (Db2 copy name) DB2MGMTSVC _db2copyname Manages Db2 registry entries for compatibility with earlier Db2 copy versions.
Db2 Remote Command Server (Db2 copy name)
Supports remote Db2 command execution.
DB2DAS - DB2DASXX DB2DASXX (where XX is 00-99) Supports local and remote database administrative requests.
DB2TS - (Db2 copy name) - <instance name> [<-nodenum>] <instance name>[<-nodenum>] Indexes and searches text documents in Db2 databases.
DB2EXT - (Db2 copy name) - <instance name> [<-nodenum>] <instance name>[<-nodenum>]  
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