Reverting to an earlier version of SA MP in a Db2 HADR environment

The version of SA MP that is bundled with Db2 products might change as new Db2 content is released. If you want to continue to use the version of SA MP that you had installed prior to upgrading, you can revert back to the earlier version.

Before you begin

Before reverting to an earlier version of SA MP, you must ensure that both Db2 and IBM® Tivoli® System Automation for Multiplatforms are running properly. You can check the operational status of resource groups associated with these products by running the lssam command.

You must also check if the Db2 database is in peer state by running the db2pd -hadr command.


To revert to an earlier version of SA MP:

  1. Download the latest Fix Pack package of the version of SA MP that you want to install from Passport Advantage®.
  2. Download the permanent SA MP license file. You can find the license file on your activation CD or on Passport Advantage.
  3. Copy the permanent license file into the <Fixpack-path>/db2/<platform>/tsamp/license directory, where <Fixpack-path> is the location of the fix pack image and <platform> is the operating system name.
  4. Remove the samXXtb.lic file from the fix pack image, where XX is the version of SA MP that is currently installed.
  5. Determine what the SAMP domain name, node names, and version on the primary host as root by running the following commands:
  6. As instance owner, export the current TSAMP configuration to an XML output file on both hosts. This step can be run with the instance offline:
    On standby host : db2haicu -o <standby_filename>.xml
    On primary host : db2haicu -o <primary_filename>.xml
  7. Disable Critical Resource Protection to prevent the system from rebooting.
    chrsrc -c IBM.PeerNode CritRsrcProtMethod=5
  8. Verify that the setting updated.
    lsrsrc -c IBM.PeerNode CritRsrcProtMethod
    This command outputs the following if Critical Resource Protection is disabled:
    Resource Class Persistant Attributes for IBM.PeerNode
    resource 1:
    CritRsrcProtMethod = 5
  9. Delete the SA MP policy on both servers.
    db2haicu -delete
  10. Uninstall SA MP on both servers using the uninstallSAM script.
  11. Install the version of SA MP that you want using the installSAM script.
  12. As instance owner, re-configure the clustered environment by importing the XML file generated in step 6. Ensure the prerequisites are satisfied prior to running db2haicu
    On the standby host first, run : db2haicu -f <standby_filename>.xml
    On the primary host, run : db2haicu -f <primary_filename>.xml

What to do next

To verify that the installation of your version of SA MP are running correctly, run the lssam command to check the status of associated resource groups. You must also run the db2pd -hadr command to ensure that the database is in Peer state.

You must run a manual takeover test to ensure that the Db2 HADR feature is running correctly.