Stopping non-root instances (Linux and UNIX)

You must stop your non-root instance before uninstalling your Db2® database product.

About this task

Note: This task applies to Db2 database products that were installed with non-root authority. To stop Db2 instances that were installed as a non-root user, see Stopping root Db2 instances (Linux and UNIX)


To stop a Db2 instance:

  1. Log in as the non-root instance owner.
  2. Run the start up script if it is not included in .profile.
    . $HOME/sqllib/db2profile       (bash, Bourne, or Korn shells) 
    source $HOME/sqllib/db2cshrc    (C shell) 
    where $HOME is your home directory.
  3. You might want to save any of the following files:
    • The database manager configuration file, db2systm
    • The configuration file used to enable root features before running db2rfe.
    • User defined functions or fenced stored procedure applications in $HOME/sqllib/function.
  4. Stop the Db2 database manager by entering the db2stop force command.
  5. Confirm that the instance is stopped by entering the db2 terminate command.