Db2 database product installation on an NFS-mounted directory

You can install Db2 products on an NFS server and share the installed Db2 products on its NFS client machines. If you use a non-root installation, you cannot install your Db2 product in an NFS-mounted directory.

If your Db2 product is installed on an NFS-mounted file system, you must verify that Network File System (NFS) is running on each machine.

Setup for shared Db2 on NFS will require a few additional considerations including:
  • Licensing (When Db2 product installation is shared by several NFS client systems, manual validation is needed to make sure any systems using the shared Db2 copy have the entitlement).
  • Ensuring that the mount point for the Db2 product installation is mounted on the appropriate install path before starting to use the shared Db2.
  • Confirming if the link /usr/local/bin/db2ls from the related Db2 installation path, which lists installed Db2 products and features, is set up and maintained properly to detect Db2 products and features.
  • Performing some manual steps to handle Db2 registries on machines sharing the installed Db2.
Note: Starting from V9.7, the handling of Db2 registries in shared Db2 environment is simplified. In the section C of "Setting Up Db2 Registries" of the white paper mentioned previously, you only need to handle the global profile registry "DB2SYSTEM" on the NFS client machines. The profiles.reg (listing the instance names related to the Db2 copy) and default.env (storing the global profile registries) are removed from the Db2 installation path. The profiles.reg is not needed any more. The global profile registry repository is moved from default.env to the global.reg. With this change, any steps needed on NFS client systems for profiles.reg and default.env files in the white paper can be ignored. The Db2 pureScaleĀ® does not support shared Db2 installation.